The Most Reliable
Inventory Management
System for Any Pharmacy

Pillometer is a ready-made pharmacy operating system for any inventory size; complete with a dependable hardware and efficient software unit.

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Interested how our software works for you?  Watch our 1 minute video

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Why is Pillometer the best operating system for your facility?

You can Manage All Your Resources with Pillometer.

  • Automated sales analysis for insightful business projection and increased revenue
  • Advanced consultation support options to step-up customer engagement
  • Robust inventory system with automated notifications to eliminate losses from expired and out-of-stock products
  • Powerful accounting feature to evaluate business performance and boost profits
  • Do it Yourself. Get started immediately with Pillometer’s easy-to-use software
  • Structured account management system for staff with pre-set roles to manage data access

Kickstart Operations Seamlessly
with the Complete Unit

10 Minutes. That is all it takes to set up Pillometer.
Simplified Technology. Easy to operate.

24/7 Customer Support Service. 
Enjoy Dedicated Technical Support When You Need it.

IT Crisis? Never!
Cancel IT Inconveniences And Extra Cost of IT Personnel

Eliminate Unwanted Disruptions. 
Backup Power Saver for Uninterrupted Business Operations.

Avoid Lost Sales Opportunity 
Expiration and Stock Level Alerts to Prevent Waste from Out-of-stock and Expired Products

Point of Sale enabled
Inbuilt Barcode Scanner and Printer

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Meet Dora,
Pillometer’s Artificial Intelligence Powered Operating System

Developed with Pharmacists, for Pharmacies.

  • Unmatched patient care
  • Enhanced medication safety with personalized drug interaction, contraindication, and allergen detection
  • Tailored care and follow-up for every patient
  • Secured cloud storage and reliable data protection
  • Experience Advanced Pharmacy Management
  • Set up Pillometer in just 10 minutes and transform business operations with D.O.R.A.

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