Simple Inventory Management Unit for Your Pharmacy
Pilometer is a ready-made inventory management suite for any inventory size; complete with its own hardware and software unit.
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Eliminate the burden of complex inventory control.

Enjoy A Ready-To-Use Inventory Management System for New and Existing Pharmacies.

Pre-Installed Software

Inbuilt Barcode Scanner and Printer

Loaded with a list of 7000+ products for express inventory.

The Right Size for Your Pharmacy

Managing More Than One Branch? Pillometer is perfect for Retail Pharamacies, Pharamacy Chains, Hospitals and other Healthcare Facilities.

Stuck with a complicated inventory management system? Set up Pillometer in 10 minutes.

  • Cancel IT Inconveniences: Save time and resources. Pillometer eliminates the extra cost of IT personnels, programmers or servers.
  • Point Of Sale Enabled: Inbuilt barcode scanner and printer for seamless transactions.
  • Easy To Figure Out: Portable Hardware and Software unit that is easy and straighhtforward to operate.

Starting a new pharmacy? Don’t build your inventory from scratch.

Kickstart sales immediately with Pillometer’s built-in list of common pharmaceutical products that your clients want. Instantly access product information including pricing and product images. Back-up power saver to keep business going for 48 hours.

Manage Your Resources In One Place..

  • Jumpstart Operations: Run a structured business. Pillometer has specific accounts and roles for key employee positions including cashier, accountant and manager.
  • Win More Clients: Pillometer’s Know Your Customer feature helps you to automate customer segmentation. Run powerful email or SMS campaigns targeted at the right clients.
  • Control Inventory: Have all your inventory in one place and smoothly monitor sales.

Experience Effortless Inventory Control

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